Friday, 2 August 2013

Recycled Animal CD Craft

Hello friends. I had received a lot company annual reports in the form of CDs over the years from some of the stocks I hold. I think many companies have replaced the physical annual reports with the CDs to save the Earth and CDs actually save them on postage costs compared to those thick annual reports they used to send in the past.
Previously, I would just dump away the CDs.
However, I've come to realise that it is such a waste and wanted to do my part to save the Earth so I decided to recycle the CDs for a craft activity.
Last weekend, my 6-year old niece Colette came over to my place and I decided to let Gwen and Colette try their hand at making cute animal crafts from the recycled CDs.
The girls had such a  blast!

For more ideas on this craft, you may refer to this site where I got my idea from.

Materials Needed:

- CD
- Foam paper (for the body)
- Super glue
- Small cotton ball (for the eyes or you may alternatively use goggly eyes)
- Marker pen
- Scissors (sorry I forgot to include this in the picture above)
- String (to hang up the craft. Oops... I forgot to add this one in the picture too. But I think you know how a string looks like)

1. First, you need to place your CD on the foam paper (I used glittery red foam for this craft but you may replace it with any thick colored paper if you don't have foam paper at home) and trace it out. Then draw the animal around the CD. I used a marker pen to do this.
Once this is done, it looks something like this.

    The elephant outline.

    Doesn't this snail remind you of the snail in "Turbo" the movie?

   2. Next get the kids to cut out the shape of the animal.
   Reminder NOT to cut out the circle shape as you will need to stick the CD there.

    This is my niece Colette smiling sweetly while "snipping".

    This is Gwen concentrating on her "snipping".

    These are the girls' completed "snips". :)

   3. Next step is to "super glue" the CD onto the foam animal.

    Then add the soft cotton balls for their eyes.
    If you don't have cotton balls, you may simply replace them with goggly eyes. :)

    Next, use the marker pen to draw the eyeball onto the cotton ball.

    Mr Elephant
    "Turbo" snail

    4. Lastly, glue string onto the back of the animal so that you can hang up your craft.
    Leave it to dry.

    Colette and Gwen showing off their completed craft.

    I hope this craft gives you some inspiration to make something out of anything
    (even an old CD!) and do your part in helping to save the Earth by recycling.
    Till next time.... Adios!



  1. Wah it's quite inspiring what u come up with for Gwen & Oliver!!

  2. Hee hee... Thanks Su. We have fun together coz I like doing Arts & Craft with them too.