Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Firecracker Craft for CNY

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, so the Little Mini Makers finally got round to making CNY decorations for our house.
We decided to make firecrackers decorations since we have many spare red packets or "ang paos" to brighten up our home.

Materials Needed:
- Red packets (20 pieces)
- String
- Tape
- Stapler
- Tail

1. First roll up the red packet and staple the ends together.

 Make 20 of these rolls. 10 for each side of the firecracker.

2. Next tie up the top of the string in a loop to hang the firecrackers. Then cut out a small piece of string and tie it on the original string like so. This part is to stick the firecrackers to it, one on each side.
 3. Use sticky tape to stick the inside of the firecracker to the small string.
 4. Continue adding the small string below, and then stick the firecrackers to it.
 5. Repeat this process until you have finished sticking all 20 firecrackers. 10 on each side.
6. Lastly, stick the tail onto the end of the firecrackers. And this is the completed firecracker all ready to be hung.
 Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone! May the Year of the Goat bring everyone Happiness & Wealth!
This is the firecracker decoration hanging inside our house.


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