Sunday, 23 June 2013

Batman Peg Magnet Craft

We went to I12 Katong today and happened to chance upon an Art {&} Craft session held near the stage.
Children can participate to make their own favorite Superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman using pegs.
To participate, parents will first need to register them at the Concierge with a minimum $30 receipt.
Below are the steps on how to re-create your very own Batman peg magnet.

Materials Needed:
- Peg
- Black crayon
- Black cloth
- Foam (yellow and black)
- Batman logo printed on a piece of paper
- Glue
- Double sided tape
- Magnet

1. First, colour the peg black using black crayon.

2. Print the Batman logo onto a piece of paper, then cut it out in a circle.
Next cut out the same sized circle on a piece of black foam.
Then glue the black foam at the back of the Batman logo.
This is the "head" of the Batman. Glue the black foam on the top of the peg to act as the "head".
3. Next cut out Batman's shoes and underwear using black foam and paste them onto the peg using glue. Cut out a small rectangular shape using yellow foam for Batman's "belt" and glue it on.

4. For Batman's cape, cut out a small rectangle from a piece of black cloth. Then use double sided tape to secure it behind Batman's "head", i.e. on the black circle foam.
5. Lastly, tape a piece of magnet onto the back of Batman's "head" or black circle foam.

There you go, this is your completed Batman peg magnet. :)
What a cool Superhero craft!

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