Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Singapore National Day Flag Craft

9 August is a very special day for Singapore.
This is the day that the whole of Singapore will celebrate our nation's birthday.
Our Little Mini Makers are eagerly awaiting for the NDP (National Day Parade) and requested to make their own National flags to wave proudly on 9 Aug.
So for today's craft activity, we shall make our very own red & white Singapore flag.

Materials Needed:

- Singapore flag (save the flag template below then print it out or simply draw in a crescent moon and five stars then let the kids color them in)
- Straw
- Scissors
- Glue

1. After printing out the Singapore flag template, let the kids cut out the flags.

Remember NOT to cut out the left side of the flag (leave a rectangular gap).
This part must be left to wrap the straw round the flag.
Here are Oliver's completed cut-outs of the Singapore flag.

2.  Next apply glue on the reverse side of the flag (where the rectangular gap is).

3. Then place the straw on the glue.

Roll over until the rectangular white gap can no longer be seen.
 Keep rolling.

Here's wishing all Singaporeans out there a Happy National Day!
And enjoy your long weekend break this year.

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