Monday, 25 November 2013

CD Craft1

Hello Guys,
The Little Mini Makers are back with yet another CD craft as Mummy has been receiving more CDs as company financial reports. :)
Today we are making a cute elephant & an octopus with googly eyes.

Materials Needed:

- CDs
- Blue paper (elephant)
- Yellow paper (octopus)
- Goggly eyes
- Glue
- Marker pen
- Scissors
- Twine string

Materials for Elephant:

Materials for Octopus:

1. Draw out the shapes of the elephant ears and nose on the blue paper as shown.
For the octopus, draw eight tentacles and a small nose on the yellow paper.

2. Cut them out then glue them on the CDs.

3. Paste the googly eyes on the CDs.

4. Lastly, stick twine string above the CD to hold it up.

Gwen & Oliver with their creations.

Hope you enjoyed the CD craft today.
You may also refer to our last CD craft for more ideas.

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