Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sink or Float Experiment

Hello friends, today we are going to do an experiment with the kids to teach them the concept of HEAVY and LIGHT. I got my inspiration from this lovely blog.
The heavy objects will sink under water, and the light objects will float on water.


1. Just get hold of a few objects around the house, some of which are heavier and some are lighter than water. (e.g. ping pong ball, leaves, rock, boat)
Let the kids put them one by one in a pail of water.

2. Then take two paper plates and label them SINK and FLOAT.

3. Let the kids pick out the objects one by one from the pail and ask them to place each item on the correct SINK or FLOAT plate.

After they have done so, explain to them why the object floats or sinks in water.
E.g. The ping pong ball floats on water as it is much lighter than water.

SINK = HEAVY (the object is heavier than water)
FLOAT = LIGHT(the object is lighter than water)

Hope you enjoyed this experiment. :)

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