Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Finger Puppet Theatre Craft

My husband bought a Finger Puppet Theater set for Oliver over the weekend as he really likes dogs and wanted to make a dog puppet.
We happened to come across a set by Faber Castell selling for $12.90 (from $15.90) at Popular.
This Finger Puppet Theatre set includes all the materials needed such as the cute little animals (made of felt), sticker felt, goggly eyes, sequins, glue as well as the theatre.
If you don't want to get a set, you can also make use of your own materials for the finger puppet craft.
The kids had such a fun time making the puppets and they all turned out so adorable.
There is a little dog, cat, fish, frog, rabbit and butterfly.
Enjoy the process of making these cute little finger puppets!

This is how the Finger Puppet Theatre set looks like.

All the materials you will find inside the box.

You will also find the Finger Puppet Theatre inside.

The kids got down to work.... gluing.....

..... and pasting sticker felt and sequins onto their puppets.

Oliver's favorite Puppy Puppet is done!

Look at all the other cute, colourful puppets we made!

Pretty little puppets!

Till next time. Have a happy week ahead!

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