Friday, 28 February 2014

Minion Paper Roll Craft

Hi guys, the Little Mini Makers made a very cute Minion paper roll craft a few months' ago, but we had been too busy to post it up on our blog. Finally, here it is. We made this cute little guy using unwanted toilet paper roll and an old blue glittery nail polish.

Materials Needed:

1. Toilet roll
2. Yellow construction paper
3. Blue nail polish (or blue paint)
4. Large goggly eye
5. Black marker
6. Super glue

Materials needed are here. But pls ignore the yellow ice-cream sticks.
They are not needed for this craft.

1. Wrap the toilet roll with yellow construction paper.
2. Use a pencil to draw the Minion's eye, mouth and overall.
3. Then use the blue glittery nail polish to paint his overall, and let it dry.
4. Then use super glue to paste on the large goggly eye.
5. Lastly, use the black marker to outline his eye, mouth and overall.

There you have it --- your very own cute little Minion using old unwanted items!

We also came across a cafe in The Cathay called Bricks 'n' Cubes which had cute little Minions made of legos. Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

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