Sunday, 1 June 2014

Maleficient Paper Roll Craft

Hello guys, the Mini Makers are so glad to be back... this time with a craft project.
We just caught Maleficient in the cinema today on its premiering week, and we loved Angelina Jolie's titular character so much that we decided to get started with our own version of a toilet roll craft for her Maleficient character.

Materials Needed:
1. Magic pens
2. Black marker pen
3. Toilet Roll
4. Goggly eyes
5. Scissors (optional)

1. Use a pencil to draw an outline of Maleficient's face.
Then use the black marker pen to trace over it.

2. Colour in Maleficient's horns using a black marker pen.

3. Next paste her eyes in and colour her mouth red.
Outline her eyes, nose and mouth using the black marker pen.

This is how Maleficient should look like.

4. The next step is optional. We decided to cut out Maleficient's horns to make them stand out a bit more so that they look more 3D.

Here she is... Maleficient, the hero and villian all rolled into one... made from toilet paper roll.

We hope you have enjoyed our Maleficient craft today.
Till next time, adios!

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