Sunday, 22 February 2015

Refreshing Virgin Mojito DIY Recipe

 My husband and I love having mojitos whenever we are out for drinks. But these days we hardly even have the time to go out on our own. So, I decided to concoct my own home version of the virgin mojito. My version is also suitable for the kids to drink as I excluded the rum. If you like, you can also add Barcardi for the added alcohol flavour.

Ingredients Needed (Makes 3 cups):

- 10 mint leaves
- 8 limes
- 1 bottle of 7-Up (600 ml)
- Sugar (4 tablespoons)
- Ice cubes

1. Cut the limes into halves then squeeze out the juice and sieve for the unwanted seeds.

2. Add the mint leaves, 7-Up, sugar and lime juice into the food processor to blend. This will break up the mint leaves and release the refreshing minty smell.

3. Pour the concoction into a cup and add ice. Now you are all ready to enjoy the cup of refreshing virgin mojito in the comfort of your own home.
As mentioned earlier, please feel free to add Barcardi if you want the alcoholic version of the mojito.
Now sit back and enjoy your cup of homemade drink!

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