Sunday, 22 September 2013

Port of the Lost Wonder (POLW), Sentosa

Hello guys,

My family had such a fun-filled Sunday at Port of the Lost Wonder (POLW) in Sentosa (event organised by my company) last weekend that I decided to share this with you.
In case you are wondering, Port of the Lost Wonder is Singapore's first kids' club by the beach.
There is a huge pirate ship water playground there that the kids can enjoy.

However, the rest of the activities are solely organised by my company, so please don't expect them when you next visit POLW. ;p

When we first arrived at POLW, the kids immediately tried their hands at fishing to win themselves an inflatable Nemo fish.

Gwen and Oliver with their prized catch.

The next game required them to push the bowling ball all the way straight without rolling back at the "hump".

Bouncy ponies. "BOING BOING BOING".

Oliver shows off his hula hoop twisting skills.

Next, we headed down to the Photo Booth for our photo opportunities.

Oliver is Captain America and Gwen is the Iron Man.

Look at Oliver. Doesn't he look like he is doing an audition for American Idol?

The kids then headed down to the cotton candy stall for their fix of sugar rush.

Followed by face painting.

Gwen is Captain America.

Singapore Merlion for Oliver. How cute!

Our helper, Thar Thar also had some fun designing a shopping bag for the kids.

Basketball fun at the beach...

... and more fun games.

Look how proud Oliver is at himself with the toy monkey he just won.

Oliver balances himself on the surf board. How cool!

He manages to pick himself up after the fall....with a laugh.

Beach football anyone?

Here is our Spiderwoman enjoying herself.

This is one of Gwen's fave rides. She managed to hold on to the bull for quite long.

She also enjoyed herself on the trampoline.

Up, up and away!

Oliver was not as brave.... :(

But he had a fun time at the bumper car with his dad.

So did Gwen and I. :)

Their dad did his best Thor impression.... but alas he didn't succeed... ;p

Finally, the highlight of our trip - POLW water playground.

The kids had a blast at the water playground. This was the favorite part of their trip to POLW.

Bye bye Sentosa... See you again next year!

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