Thursday, 1 October 2015

Customised Name Hairclip For Girls

I am super excited to start posting again after a long absence. This time I wanted to make something quick and easy for my daughter, Gwen to clip on her hair. Then I thought why not customise a name hairclip for her?
Materials Needed:
- 0.5 gauge wires
- Hairpins
- White swaroski beads
- Alphabet beads

1.  It's actually super easy to make these name hairclips with no special skills required.First step is you need to loop the wire gauze around the end of the clip then secure it.

2. Then add the pearl beads to the wire and wrap it around the clip. Continue to add the alphabet beads and end off with pearl beads. Neatly tuck the ends of the wires back into the clip to end it off.

3. This is the end product. It took me less than 5 mins to finish up this project. I really love how the hairclips turned out. So easy for beginners.

Hope you have enjoyed this project!

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